Dendustri Mozambique

Established in 2008 to supply and refurbish anode stem assemblies for the BHP Billiton Mozal Aluminium Smelter, Dendustri Mozambique was built from scratch and it is essentially version 2.0 of the working model being employed at Dendustri SA in Richards Bay, with a few adaptions for the region. The assembly line layout of the factory keeps the anode gouging, milling, welding and reassembling processes efficient and helps to develop task-specific skills in the 36-strong floor staff.

The aluminium smelter, along with many of the key component suppliers that keep the smelter running, are housed in an industrial free-zone – making infrastructural growth highly feasible for this division. Expansion projects include adding a fabrication and machine shop, as these fall in line with development projects on the ground in Mozambique.

Overall, Dendustri Mozambique is a step towards showcasing the group’s expertise on a global scale.


Find Us: 21 Parque Industrial, de Beluluane-Mozal, R/c-Matola, Maputo
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