Dendustri SA

Initially established by South African arms manufacturer Denel in 1994, Dendustri was formed to consolidate the commercial activities of Denel’s various manufacturing operations. After acquiring Dendustri in December 2005, this division was entrenched as the key supplier and refurbishment specialist of anode stem assemblies to the Hillside and Bayside aluminium smelters. The extensive 20 000m² facility is well-utilised by the over 100 qualified personnel, who have all been trained in-house, and working together, can produce in excess of 150 anode stems every day.
Dendustri SA is based in Richards Bay; a 2-hour drive up the east coast from Durban. This bulk-handling port, situated on a 30km² lagoon of the Mhlatuze River, is one of the country’s largest harbours.



Find Us: 8 Eutectic Point, Alton, Richards Bay
Call Us: +27 35 797 4764
Fax Us: +27 35 797 3002

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